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Thursday, February 11, 2010

halo & walking on sunshine :)

yeallow worllddddd!! :D

had a super duper blast today with zainab, fatin & hidayah after school.
zainab just got her license last week and seriously we (me,fatin,dayah) planned this like FOREVA!
going back to school, zainab ambik with HER CAR.
then pegi lunch semua kat amcorp, then thought nak pergi mid, then tak jadi for several reasons :S

makan makan cakap cakap gosip gosip thats what we practically do today.

oh and we saw ameera semawi and puteri nadiah. omg miss them gila2 weh :)

oh and the cool thing is zainab hantar 3 of us balik rumah. baik gile weh.

word of the day : gorgeous ( jojes ) XD

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