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Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm tired of feeling BAD i'd rather feel NOTHING it's BETTER it's EASIER

cepat la habis sekolah. bila nak habis nih.
well tomorrow is the last paper


and you wanna know something? i literally danced while walking back to class after bio exam :D & i don't even know why i did that. i think its just a relief that ive SUCCESSFULLY answered the questions with PRIDE. pfft

oh and i think every teacher that teaches 4ADIL (except mr elvin-you rock) and teacherst that reliefs us hates us. very much. we ALL have verbal diarrhea sickness. well that's what ms annie describes us as. if you don't know what verbal diarrhea is ,check in wikipedia or something, or you want a brief meaning, it means that we are overly loud(i think)

anyways, hope ya'll have a swell last-minute study for tomorrow! i cant wait for addmaths! :D

nity nites

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