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Friday, March 12, 2010

sentimental heart

exams was the bomb!
and now its ovahhhhhhhh(yess!)
after continuously reading non-stop until late at night. i think i did okay.
but who cares? it's just a monthly test. the school is just testing you. its not like if you got bad grades you're gonna kicked out of the school. like who cares.
i'm just scared what the results will be. that's all.

  • finish the whole season 1 of glee
  • finish my homework(lame)
  • do a little this and that
  • hopefully go to jocelyn's birthday outing
  • watch a lot of tv
  • online/tumblring/blogging/etc
  • be clever
  • get enough sleep/sleep more than the usual
  • get an old camera that still works :D
  • buy lots of clothes
  • jalan2
  • shit
  • be as lame as ever

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