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Thursday, May 6, 2010


i think today's 'selection' for citrawarna wasn't fair. well to me.
they randomly picked anybody and put them in the group, siapa cepat dia dapat. kalau dorang tak pandai steps macam mana? kan tak fair. but im in the group, sorry guys. but i still feel so guilty.
so whoever didn't come to citrawarna today, unfortunately you guys are props :( coz they already put us in our positions.
but the dance steps was awesome. no doubt. sorry guys.
oh oh and sorry abang soundmaster guy, bcoz i accidentally banged on the PA system until one of the wires tercabut.i think i danced too semangat-ed? thank God it works again.



anis nazree said...

kalia, mybe aku, aina n athirah, bw props je dohh, hmm, really2 unfair kott.. geramnyaa -__-
but, i still kan brsbar, btw its ok lahh, u can dance, so i takkesah, :D

Kalia said...

alaa :(
tu la pasal. and aku tak boleh dance okaayy, biasa2 je