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Saturday, June 19, 2010

why smile? because you can

well, nowadays i don't understand why people like to wear tights in public.
especially fat people. i'm not pointing out at anybody okay. its icky. unless you really HAVE to wear it. i hate it when you people wear tighty whities like you're wearing jeans. its gross. its better to wear only your underwear than wearing tights/skinnies. its okay to wear skinnies with skirts or a blouse. and not wearing em with a singlet.

okay, another thing is, i hate it when i go to a mamak or a restaurant where people call the waiter by 'cuitt' well, i don't know how to describe it but its rude. like when a dude calls a hot girl like that -.- disgusting. can't you just put your hand up and call politely?

&& if at school you wear tudung and outside in public you don't . then whats the use? bukak je la. tak payah nak memalukan agama sendiri. if you want to do like that , then get out of the religion, we don't need people like you. one day you'll regret it. what's the use covering your hair but you still show your hair at the back, your boobs and your pretty ugly legs? i know your hair is pretty. don't need to show it all over facebook and myspace -.- bertaubatlah!

conclusion : where are your manners people ? have you all gone mad ? talk all you want , this is my opinion. you shut your mouth

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Gooseberry//Yo said...

ure so right kalia.i just dont have the guts to write it in my blog since some of my frens wear and do those type of stuff. sad isnt it?