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Friday, July 2, 2010

Nadwah Kepemimpinan Islam

soo finally i decided to write about camp.since everyone wants to know the whole story.

some of you are maybe wondering where i went on the 28th-30th of june. well hidayah was supposedly gotta go to this camp. somehow she didn't want to go. so ustazah(teacher) asked either me or fatin to go. then i decided to go since fatin told earlier that she had another camp, but now the camp is postponed -.- btw we(me & azim) were told that we are supposed to go last thursday. which was 3 days before the camp.

soooo the next day they gave us the list of things to bring for the camp. blablabla. that we have to meet at ppd(pejabat pelajaran daerah) at 7.45am , monday, 28th june at kelana jaya.

monday :
came to school as usual with one big trolley bag and a large backpack while wearing my school uniform. which looked so so awkward. waited ustaz at the canteen and my friends were there asking where the hell im goin. then we got in ustaz' car and head to ppd. first we thought we were at the wrong place, bcause no one was there, NO ONE. and they said they wanted to meet at 7.45. and it was 8 and still no one was there. so we waited in the car till someone shows up. then there was one lady waited for us to come. so we sat inside the ppd and waited for the other 8 to come. then when they all arrived we hit the road by three cars.6 girls 4 boys.

it took us 2 hours to get there.including the two stops. the camp was at Institut Latihan Dakwah Islam (ILDAS) at Sungai Lang , Sabak Bernam. then when we arrived there was the other 9 district in selangor. btw by then i knew that selangor had 10 districts XD so there was 10 people represent for each district... ~~~~ equals to 100 participants. the place was huge !

so we all went to the dewan after the registration. so we gathered and as usual, all the facilitators introduced themselves.laugh here and there.
they really know how to lift up the mood there. then our belongings were taken, like wallets, hphones and camera. went to our rooms. where 2 people was assigned to one room ! how many camps do you go that does that ? plus the room is air conditioned! :O then we went to lunch and prayers. then here comes ice-breaking. then we were divided into groups. i was in group four. the name of our group was Princess Ibnu Sina. and there was sya, syahirah, syahirah, fatin, dini, anis, nabihah, zai, syafiqa, me. that night as usual we did our logo , our cheer, and moto.

then we did some things at went back to our rooms and slept a bit late, cause there was one group went into our ( me and nadiah - BU4 )room and they had a discussion about something and they didn't even sleep. then i tried to sleep and by the time i woke up they were all gone. thank God nadiah got an alarm clock. if not i don't know how we all will wake up without our handphones.

tuesday :
woke up at 4 . had less than 2 hours of sleep. then we all went to the surau for prayers untill 7 i guess ? then had breakfast and exercised a bit and we went for a walk to the beach. which i think is around 3km away from ILDAS D: then we were told to pick 10 diff shells and make something out of it. then we prayed there, yes, we did solat dhuha. and took our wudhu in the oh so dirty salty water and prayed on the beach full of shells. it hurts. then after we prayed we saw the word 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' on the sky. this shows the greatness and strenght of Allah. subhanallah. and we did zikir right infront of the beach.

we were at the beach for 2 hours and we were totally thirsty. and along the way back we saw cows. pretty cows XD there were loads of them weh! and we had drinks at the canteen after that. then we head to the dewan and talked about the day and had games etc etc

then we had a ceramah about komunikasi yang berkesan bagi seorang pemimpin. after lunch and prayers we had more games outside.

that night we had a debate. between the guys and girls. firstly ive never been to a debate, ive never seen one too. and secondly i totally can't talk spontaneously infront of people. it was a last minute decision that i have to be in the debate -.- thank God it was an easy topic. it was about tuition i think.

that night, as usual slept 2 hours. and that morning had to wake up early to prayers. that morning (before breakfast) we had another ceramah. it took a pretty long time , and i was really really hungry~~~after breakfast we had to prepare for our majlis penutup. so we packed our bags and put them in the dewan. and changed to our uniforms and straight to the auditorium. the penutup was okayy, then we were all sleepy when these 2 guys in suits talked for 40 mins. then sing sing sing. and straight to the canteen :D

eat eat eat. then we all head home. well we were dropped off at the ppd. and i was the last person to go back. because there was traffic.

- i know you think my story is kinda boring, but if you go there and experience it yourself. it would be hell of a fun. especially when no one knows who you really are ;D

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