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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lagu Malaya Tetap Merdeka (1959)

found this song on youtube and its more fun than the 1 malaysia song C: ive been listening to it a few times now. haha.

so last sunday, i went to sec14 to go to the pasar ramadhan(para), its the first time this year we went to buy food there bcoz we've been buying kuih from the para in oldtown since day 1.
well you know malaysia is a multiracial country, ofcourse you'll be seeing indians and chinese at the pasar ramadhan, esp at sec14 since its a popular place to buy food during the ramadhan month.
so when we were walking looking for food, there was this chinese dude happily eating keropok lekor(i think?) and dipping it into the sauce infront of everybody. don't you respect us ? that's rude y'know? yeah , i know you're hungry, but HELLO we're hungry too! can't you just wait until you reach the car or something ?

please please please malaysians , respect one another. kita kan satu malaysia.
i'm not being racist here okay, i'm just making a point.

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