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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look like a Girl, act like a Lady, think like a Woman and work like a Boss.

there are some things to look out when you're around people who are smart.

try not to talk back to them, they may know what to talk back to you and you may not know what to answer.
don't make trouble.
keep secrets with your friends that you can trust.
talk to them truthfully.
don't think you're all that smart. because nobody is perfect. you don't know everything
racism may happen, so back off.
politics may also happen, so keep quiet.
try not to be too close to people who think they are very smart and everybody else is dumb.
if you don't understand what they're saying, just smile.
just laugh, if he is laughing too. eventhough it is not that funny.
take note that one day they will forget about you, and after a few years they will say 'hi' on fb and goes offline without even a smiley or a goodbye or even i miss you.
when you get famous one day, that's the day all your smart friends will say 'hey ! how you doin? long time no see. lets meet up'

smarty pants.

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