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Friday, October 1, 2010

too many questions unanswered.

just when you thought you got a holiday for PMR. but life's unfair.
you know whats unfair ?

that we only got 1 day of holiday. i mean ONE DAY. i know im being selfish, but why the other classes got more than one week of holiday ? i mean ONE WEEK++ .

my class got a day of holiday. which is friday (1oct) , and the other classes got from saturday(2oct) till monday(11oct) . like whaaa??

like hellloo?? kita pun mau cuti okayy. hmmm.. this school is going upside down now. loads of problems mann.

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meera said...

omg! kau pun sama!
my class pun kena sebab nak habiskan add-maths. tp kelas lain tak pun. -_-
don't worry, ada org terima nasib yg sama. =(