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Saturday, November 27, 2010

art is the weapon

have been feeling like crap these past few days. 2 nights in a row i would sleep and i get really uncomfortable and ended up sleeping an hour later. sucks maannn, then i would wake up at 7 and go out of the room, get infront of the tv and ended up sleeping again till 10 or more :S

so yesterday night, mak teh brought us girls, me , my sis nisha and my 2 cousins, iman and nadiah to watch rapunzel at klcc. oh how i wish to have hair like that maann. wasn't watching the movie peacefully actually, since the girl beside me keeps talking and talking and talking. hmph. long story dont wanna bring it up again -__- sooo overall its a fun movie (: with glowing hair and big eyes 0.0 kinda think of it, rapunzel seriously looks like violet from the incredibles ey ?

so my cousin, Iwan, is sitting for SPM this year. we all are praying for you Iwan ! :D break a leg ! and next year me and my cousin, laila's turn to take SPM 0.0 that is why i have to study this holiday. D: cobaan
cousin Iwan.

so i just installed the adobe illustrator , and i'm still figuring out how to use it. i hateee doing the tutorial. oh well.. i'm trying not to make my post so long, instead putting more pictures. bcoz in my history of reading blogs, i really dislike reading blogs that are really long, and that have no pics at all. at all. so i'm trying to avoid that.

pictures tell a thousand words.

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