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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

faizul has a Diana F+ . fml

so today is Hari Raya Korban / Aidiladha
me and my family celebrated raya in KL, my mother's side. my dad isn't here with us now, since he went to balik kampung in Kluang. we don't always balik KL for raya korban, well since the kids have their hari anugerah on friday, we decided to celebrate it here. so its been a tradition for us at tok bak's to wake up in the morning on the first day of raya, went to pray, wore our kurung or kebaya and ate ketupat. then we all would lepak and as everyone has arrived, we would take pictures. well today was extra special since my uncle and his Finland gf came all the way from Thailand to celebrate raya with us, Abang Amir and Jonna (Yonna).

so that's all i have to say for today, i think i ate too much of ketupat or something , since my tummy hurts since dinner D: i'm still at my grandfathers house for another night, and im now waiting for the others to come back from Tok Amal's house, my moms aunt. some of us didn't join since Adam, my cousin had a lil accident in the kitchen.

so selamat malam !

ps : happy birthday aqeemul akhsan, monkey ! (:

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