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I am currently 13577.21km away from home & a student/part-time traveller in university of san francisco.

Monday, December 6, 2010

3/6 weeks

today began the 3rd week of 'so syok holiday' . 3 down 3 to go till school starts. and it will be my senior year. somehow i like the word senior but there are still things i dislike. the fact that i'm freakin old. and people would totally look up to me and and and people would start calling me kakak , seriously i don't like being called kakak kalia. even my siblings don't call me kakak, just my dad. he gives me random names. i think i'm starting to miss school, well not the learning part. the friends always there and the lame lame jokes part. i keep dreaming about people in school and camp.

oh i finally got my grubby hands on my grandfather's pentax camera. oh yeah. with my 6 films . oh yeah. so what should i snap first ? (:

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