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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sudah lama

as you all know i did not know, we gave the kittens last friday to my sister's friend. sadly we were only able to give her 2 because a few days after we kept them, one if them got lost. and on the day we wanted to give my sister's friend, another one got lost. so 4-2 = 2 :( we had no idea where the other two went. so hope they're happy.

this 9 day school break is filled with stuff. last weekend we balik kampung jumpa tok atan, tok arah and neng (cat) . then on monday&tuesday had extra chem class in the morning. then thursday and saturday plak ada tuition D: then on my free time (other days that i dont have any plans) i have to do some camp work for PPI and seni work that has to be done this break.

well off to do things, and juniors out there ! please join KEM KITA on 1-3 April 2011 , it will be lotsa fun ! :D

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