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Saturday, April 2, 2011


ICC was the bomb !
Samad got placings for all categories , congrats !

just got back from sentul and now at my grandfather's after having a meal with my ladies at mcd. was my first time after years of people talking bout ICC every year and finally decided to go this year. like bob said "sejak bila korang pergi ICC nih " -.- weellll.. the HGH Hall was packed with people man ! all the performance was incredible, beyond words. tired of screaming too loud and now i'm having a bad headache from all the screams. esp the UBER LOUD screams from cha, li sar and jacie XD semangat gila bila deviation keluar. and i can't can't believe that soft shock won ! tahni-ah !

well too tired now to blog, and ofc today i saw many many people yg dah lama tak jumpa from primary, well its not like i don't wanna say hi or that i'm sombong or anything, but like i'm not that sociable when it comes to meeting people(malu la katanya) i gotta work on this 'talking to people more' thing.



meera said...

i was there! tapi lambat datang.tak nampak pun kau.

Kalia said...

laaa ye ke . tak cakap pun nak pergi :(
well aku masuk as soon as dorang bukak pintu tu. and lps the concert tu terus pergi mcd. tak nampak siapa2 sgt pun. kau pergi dgn siapa ?

meera said...

zahida and adalah my other friends. lepas habis terus baliklah. naik lrt,kena cepat! miss u babe!

meera said...
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Kalia said...

hahah, yup nanti kalau ada pergi apa2 events cakap la ye ? miss you too ! :))