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Friday, January 20, 2012

late wish. this post had to be on the 15th of Jan 2012

on 15Jan2012 was Nisha's birthday !
she was so psyched since my dad finally let her sign up to facebook, btw, as you all SHOULD know,only 13 and above can have a fb acc. i think some kids don't read the terms & conditions. hahah.
she just had to sign up on her bday itself so that other ppl could wish her -.-
i had to post this late since we were in kluang that day and i was busy with work. since today i'm free ill take the time to do this thing.

its our first time singing and blowing the candle without any cake. sooo we bought big apple instead and plug a candle at the middle of the donut XD enjoy the wonderful pictures !

tok atan & tok arah !

and it was the first time singing happy birthday at the rest area (:

aaand later that week we celebrated the old fashioned way. pizza hut ofcourse.

she got chocolate-d by putra. hah !

love you adik.

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