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I am currently 13577.21km away from home & a student/part-time traveller in university of san francisco.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Shooting star

Good morning everybody! It's 3 am in the morning, and yess I'm wide awake. The stars are twinkling (I suppose) and the moon is shining brightly. I've been trying to sleep since 1.40 but failed to do so. My eyes couldn't shut. I thought I actually slept at some point, but eventually I knew that my eyes are still open & my mind wondered off some place in the future I think. Everybody's asleep now, since the thump thump sound that was coming from the other room suddenly stopped at about 2 something. Hmmm haaa hmmmm haaaa. Spm results are in 2 weeks. The UPU has been sent. The Jessie j contest tix has been sent (3 tbh). & tomorrow I guess I'll start on doing some crafty things that I've been planning to sell online. Just you wait! :D ~~~~~~ 3.10a.m. 9 march 2012. 2nd week of march. Still not sleepy. Can you believe that.

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