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Friday, July 27, 2012

New roomie

yuyu is no longer my roomate, :( she got a better offer to beijing. Goodluck adik manis ! Hehe ill miss you a lot!

Right after she left, there was another girl replacing her place as my room mate, but she only stayed here for less than a day because she went to another room at level 2 -.- so i spent two days sleeping alone while my housemates were in the other room.

On thursday there was a knock on the door, and tadaaaa new room mate just came in. She just came and arranged some of her stuff and went out. I think she'll start sleeping here from sunday onwards bcause she doesnt even know which class she's in yet so it doesnt matter.


Annisa mulia said...

Hopefully she'll be a nice roommate.. Yeah, she must be :)

yuyou awaluddin said...

kaliaaaaaa :0
rindu :'(