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Friday, July 13, 2012

A week in intec

السّلامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

In a week you never know how many new friends you could get eventhough you dont know anyone there. Thankfully everyone is nice & friendly here. I was in the second intake group so there weren't many of us, there was only 50 plus compared to the first intake which was over 300 students i heard, all under different sponsors. Mostly for the second intake are all under MARA.

The good side being in the second intake is that our orientation was only for 2 days compared to them that had to go to and fro to intec for a week! Syukur alhamdulillah is all i can say. The bad side is that we don't really know the campus very well so we had to belajar 'berdikari'

Having to take the bus at 7am in the morning is not an easy task, if you're late then you have to stand in the middle. I have no idea what ill do if i miss the bus because the campus is not a walking distance from my college Akasia 0.0 and all of my classes start at 8am.

We had an english placement test on monday, this is to determine which group you'll be. Same system like UIA. Minus the arab test. The next day we were assigned to groups, i am in group Fargo. The group names are all according to different places around US. So cool!
My class started on wednesday with 20ppl in the class, majority of them being guys. Its like school, where the lecturer changes and you just stay in the same class until the period ends. Not like UIA, which is tiring because i used to have class from one end to the other end of uia. And not all of the classes are air-conditioned -.-
Here in intec the classes are air conditioned plus there's wifi! Hehe

I think i waste alot of money on food becuase the food outside the college are not that cheap compared to the cafes in the campus itself. So i have to start saving. Haihh. Hari2 makan kat luar.
There are alot of facilities here too! Which im very thankful having a place near evrything! What i mean is that theres a lot of restaurants(some cheap some pricy) , theres mydin, giant, numerous clinics, kfc, mcd, mamaks, pasar malam, bowling, karok. And all of them are walking distance.

Pictures of the sunrise, sunsets,random places around Akasia ,friends, housemates. The one beside me is yuyu(roomie) and the two girls are my housemates, atiqah & aimi. (:

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