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Thursday, May 2, 2013


or in Malay - syukur. tons of meanings for such a simple word i might say. i've never realised this on how thankful i am today. in this very second. 
why im bringing this up? well this is one of the problems that many teens are facing now, they lack the sense of being grateful of what they have now. they keep complaining when things happen to them. as a Muslim, whenever good comes our way, we should say "Alhamdulillah" meaning, thank you Allah for all the things that He has given to us. 

being a teenager is hard, it is always not enough for us teens. such as, getting an -A is not enough or getting only one University placement is not enough. everything is not enough for teens. when is it enough? stop commenting on every little detail when something comes to you.

appreciate the things that you have now, is all i have to say. let this be a lesson to us all, especially me myself.

no one reads this anyway. hope my this summer sem will do me good. amin.

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