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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little update on Fall 2014

This blog has been so dusty lately,
& since I'm kinda free tonight, so here's a little update of what I've been up to this semester (basically after summer 14)

- For this semester, I'm taking
1. Advertising 341 with Professor Pabst, good ol guy, the guy you would have for a grandfather basically. Tapi class dia kadang2 boring sebab dia ikut slides je, but he is really experienced and exams are super easy.
2. Literature, Tales and Transformation with Professor Ana Rojas, a lot of reading but she knows her stuff.
3. Typography, with Professor Rhiannon Alpers. Really nice prof but orang lain macam tak suka sebab dia tak suka bila orang cakap2 dlm class(?)
4. Philosophy-Aesthetics with Professor Kuperus, interesting class but the readings are kinda hard to understand.

- For our fall break, Hazirah and I went to Lake Tahoe! It was a 3 day trip (kinda?), and we drove all the way, and it was a 4-5 hour trip to go there. Then before returning the car we drove to Lombard Street (craaazy experience sebab ingatkan nak park and amik gambar je, but in the end had to drive down the super crooked street), and to Google HQ. Didn't see any bears but the view was SubhanaAllah, amazing! Here's a video of it:

- Several days after that I had my Cali license! The test was super easy, kalau nak bandingkan dgn Malaysia memang senang gila lah. They test only you on the road and using an auto car!
- I am officially buddies with Natalie, in Best Buddies! She's the best I tell ya, the sweetest person I've met here. Didn't imagine I'll find a true friend in any clubs to be honest, well everything happens for a reason kan.
Natalie's first time wearing Henna!

At Natalie's Halloween party. She was a vampire and I was cleopatra.
- Also it was my first (and not last) trip to an amusement park in the US! we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom at Vallejo & it was also my first time riding all the roller coasters (sad, I know) kat Malaysia sebelum ni tak berani pulak nak naik semua.

Hazirah, Xin Ying, Pui Yee

- recently on Nov 12. we had a dinner with the Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Learning, YB Kamalanathan, we met a lot of other Malaysian students from the bay area and ofcourse we had a selfie with the YB! haha 

 I also got a new job! Basically filming live feed for the home games in USF, like basketball and volleyball. The videos are posted live on the W TV web. I kinda enjoy this job because it involves filming - which I rarely have time during college. And dalam group ni ada 2 je perempuan -.- well there's always a first for everything. 

Till then! 

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah hiwabarakatuh

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