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Monday, November 8, 2010


sooooo ive not been in school since wednesday now, and im totally feelin the 'so syok holiday' feeling. i hope i dont get too excited since i dint get all my papers yet.

so like last friday i went to wet world in shah alam and it was 'best'. desa waterpark lagi best la. but its okay for kiddies. there were my two lil brats, nisha & tuah, my 2 aunties mak teh and mak cik ti, and the cousins, nadiah, adam, iman, arwen and redza. we were there bright and early, and the line was seriouuussllyy longg, well the waterpark opens at 10 , and we arrived at 10.01 ? well my tag says 10.07am. so played played played under the hot sun among hundreds of people until 6pm. time flies so fast i guess. we were all tanned and felt orangy by the time we got into the car. kah kah kah. went to iman's and put some aloe vera on the face and crashed there another night.

>so the past few days ive tie-dyed my tee, painted my tee and went jalan2 with relatives.

the pictures of my tshirts and other stuff will be uploaded when i feel like uploading.


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