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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i have a mustache

don't you just wish that after you had a long nice nap you would like all your problems go away and vanish in your dreams ?
i felt it today, it was sad.

today's story is quite funny actually.

well here it goes,
as usual ill wake up at 6 and at 7 i would be in the car, but then QWERTYUIOP goes the car. thank God Mei Yee just got out of the house, or not i'll be at home worrying about my results. so then i went in her car and went to school.
as usual i would see Jacie's awesome face in the morning in the office as i step in.
then the day goes on where we had chem after that, MrT didn't mark our papers yet, so he had us to mark other people's paper. i think he was too busy with his diwali celebration :S oh well. and ofcourse i didn't get our chem papers on the day itself.
then we had addmath. then the chinese girls(chalystha, joey, nicole and jacie) started playing twister before MrElvin came in. MrElvin gave our paper 1 back, and i wasn't that pleased because hidayah got higher than me D: well thats what you get when you're among smart people. then we got our bio paper back, and i got a large big fat C . oh well. then me, hidayah and fatin went to the staff room to bodek some teachers, heh heh , and took our english paper. well i got an A- . oh and i got an A for agama, which was okayyy since nobody got more than 90. i didn't really remember why it took us so long in the staff room till like 12 o'clock. so then we went back to class and got our modmath paper, i got an A-
then we had physics. we, me fatin hidayah, were few of the first to come in the lab. before we got to know our results, and hidayah was already on the ground in front of PnRema XD saying "teacher, teacher tak nak la teacher, please la teacher " oh and PnSarala was there too, our Sejarah teacher. we didn't get our sej paper yet btw.
then PnRema broke the news that i got 59 fr my physics, and said that i have to get another 2 marks to get 60. then she said fatins and hidayahs results, which was really surprising . so hidayah broke down and cried, and the 3 of us was infront of the physics lab crying, except for fatin. she's like the light from God to tell us to tawakal and there's still next time blablbabla all that crap la. well i was crying because my sejarah result was bad. i got a big red D. wudduyuthink. me not so smart in history okeh. its not my cup of tea. i seriously confess that i am really not good in history, there was once in form 1 i got an E. and i cried. well i cried almost each exam because of sejarah since form 1. and i was really surprised that i got a B for PMR. and pn sarala was really mad at me of getting bad marks :| well she knows im bad. she's been teaching us sejarah for a few years now.

OKAY back to the story. so we cried and cried and cried, and jacie was there hugging us and xin you was there to .. well he was there to cheer us up :D thanks guys, loveyah. then in the middle of the madness ducky said to hidayah that hidayahs but is nice ? did you just say that to cheer her up ? heh heh . then we stopped crying and hidayahs nose and eyes were all red, i didn't know how i looked. so whatever. then both of us tried to look for some marks, markah kesiaannn XD but fatin didn't because dia dah tawakal , ELEH . XD haha sorry bro.

then balik with a bunch of form 5 books on our backs.


"hidayah, berapa banyak lantai kau nak nangis weh ? XD "

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