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Friday, December 31, 2010


Well today is the last day of 2010. and i'm uber excited for 2011.
so lets recap what happened this year ey ? (no particular order )
  • got the R&S 2 post
  • survived my last prefect camp
  • got interested in film cameras
  • 'okay' grades for exams
  • *will update bila ingat :S
what about 2011 ?

hope to..
  • get all A's for SPM
  • get better in art science sejarah etc
  • not sleep late
  • not wake up late
  • try to not go online for hours
  • be around loved ones
  • move
  • no enemies
  • try to say 'yes' in everything i do
  • good grades throughout the year
  • constantly studying but still have time for other things too
  • read
  • not to be rude or sombong to people
  • socialize
  • go to prom
  • concentrate in class
  • respect others
  • make others happy in many ways C:
  • make plans for future
  • not go gaga on guys since spm is coming up
  • jangan diam je depan orang
  • take pictures/videos everywhere i go for memories.
  • not to think bad about other people
  • stop talking to myself in my mind
  • solat subuh every morning
well a wee bit too many for a plan i say. will miss you 2010

theres gonna be changes. for sure.

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