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Sunday, April 17, 2011

aku gila

so i think i've been quite busy this week sampai nak study pun mcm berat je. so last friday went back home from school then had to go out back to curve, since my mom got free tix to watch a movie. so pergi je lah. then saturday, i ter-bangun lambat and pulak kena pergi tuition at 12 saamppaii 4 something. then that evening went to kl to go to a free concert (lagi) heh heh dekat orange dragonfly club, for gadis semasa sunsilk. it was free, who wouldn't wanna go man. there was yuna, melda ? , one nation emcees, ella and hujan.

somehow the things i do now, i don't feel it quite fun. like there's no spark eventhough im supposed to be happy, tapi i donno la. feels like everything that i do nowadays feels like i've been doing it for a long time.

adakah anda juga rasa begitu ? ok lah, gotta sleep since today i have to go to a camp, kem ibadah from morning till evening. see how busy i am ? haaaaa

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