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Saturday, April 9, 2011


so let me share a quick story about my funfunfunFriday and my sunnysunnySaturday.

so yesterday was a normal school day, then went to tuition till 6 and my dad ajak-ed(hahah) us to go to a concert. it was a free concert to be exact. at klcc. it was TWIN TOWERS LIVE KL or something like that la. sampai2 pergi surau yang pack gila babe
ng, and straight out where the concert is. dint even eat dinner(semangat sgt pergi concert la tu) okayy, cut to the chase it was so packed with people so since my 2 adiks came along too, we dint actually stood in the mid of the crowd. but we can still see the stage, thank God there was a huge screen right infront of us. if we stood in the mid of the crowd pun, macamlah adik aku boleh nmpk apa. dah la semua orang lompat2 mcm beruk dalam sangkar. so all the performances was uber awesome, there was Yuna, Azenders, Bunkface, Wonder Girls and HOOBASTANK ! :D eeeppp ! Yuna was incredible, opening yg best, Azenders was lovely, you guys should listen to their song " Ladies and Gentlemen " on youtube. Bunkface, ohmaygad Sam handsome gilerr. walaupun hidayah fikir rambut dia mcm nak kena sepak je XD. bu
t who cares, aku suka. wonder girls pun best but only best when the songs ive heard of je lah. Hoobastank, was gila gila gila best, walaupun nisha and tuah(adikadik) bosan sbb byk sgt lagu, whatever. the vocalist pun handsome gila, Doug Robb :D
so we were at the cncrt till 1 and straight to mamak since we were hungry and i dint had anything to eat since before tuition. could you imagine ? :O and sampai rumah at 3am.

so saturdays story ;
went to school for road run. had only 3 hours of sleep. bapak said to not go to school today, but whatthehell dah la last road run evah. didn't even expect to get any medals, but alhamdulillah
with the amount of 'sleep' and 'practice' i had (sarcastic gila), it was worth it. i got 5th in the P1 category. it was ridiculous when we had to continue with P&P after the whole ceremony ended. alah, cikgu masuk kelas pun bukan buat apa. semua orang main phone cikgu buat kerja sendiri je. siapa kisah. hahah. oh oh and thank you to the wonderful people who screamed my name like mad when i got the medal tadi :D <3<3 this road run is a memorable one for sure. because i never recall getting top 10 in the previous years XD. then penat penat semua balik rumah, then an hour lebih later had to go to tuition lagi -.- , then petang tadi bapak ajak pergi naik basikal pergi mamak. haish, dugaan hidup.

ok thats all for now. since this post is picture-less. im gonna put a picture of Doug Robb i got from this dudes blog
ok goodbye for now. adios.


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Harlo there, thanks for sharing about Hoobastank!

Kalia said...

no problemo