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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last goodbye

This afternoon i went back to uia, as a visitor ! Because SOMEBODY forgot to give back my calculator hahah more reason for me to go there and say my last goodbye to my friends.

& since its Zulfa's(roomie) birthday today, i bought 4 different slices of cake i didnt have the chance to eat the cake with them since my mom came back and pick me up after half an hour.
So we took pictures and said our last goodbye, there were lots of hugging and kissing ofcourse

In the group picture(last) : left to right
Zulfa, Hidayah, Laila, me, Bil, Farrah,

Thanks atuk for taking the pics!
The only person missing in the pictures is Fatin ! :'(

Thanks you guys for taking the time for me eventhough you had classes to go to. Love you guys to bits <3 ❤

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