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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Last minute :(

Sooo today i am officially not a UIA student anymore since alhamdulillah i got the mara scholarship ! (woooohoo, clap clap) hahah
The results for the rayuan came out yesterday and i went out of uia the day after that(today). Which was soooo last minute. I got an offer to US in graphic design course after i finish my foundation in intec uitm shah alam. Which i will be going this friday( also so last minute! )

I guess this post is about what ill miss being in uia and all the moments i had with my friends this whole month.
Ofcourse ill miss my dear dear friends(fatin&hidayah) whom i thought that we'll reunite during our degree in gombak. But sadly i couldnt be able to do that anymore :(
Ill miss the jogs around uia, the laughs we share the late night lepaks infront of kc. Thank you fatin hidayah sai farrah for the lunchs & dinners together. Hopefully we will do it again in the future!
Ill miss going out to pasar malam and tapau the food and having the feeling that we bought too much and we couldnt finish it :D theres no reason why u should go to kc now since im gone :(
Ill miss my room mates , Bil Zulfa Laila. You guys are the best, ill miss us eating together, solat jemaah together, the laughs, jokes and everything! Thank you so much , esp the book <3 which is such a surprise because i didnt expect to get anything from u guys. Its just too soon to leave u guys, seriously. Bil, we have a lot in common and thats why i love you. You are open to anything and please take care of the other two! (: zulfa, i have never found anyone with that name before in my life hahah, im proud to call u my friend because you never fail to smile whenver i look at u and thank you for the lame jokes ehh ;) thank you for helping me with the bags (: laila, ill miss your stories, jokes, laughs we had together. Thank you so much.
iffa, the one that is always there in every class. The one that always cheers me up with her wide smile. Ill always remember you.Thankyou!
Izza & Razan , thank you so soo much about the key 'incident' yesterday. I dont know what else to do without you guys. Thanks hanisah for coming to my room just to say goodbye <3
My classmates, azra, haneem, jarir, khairina, kak nailah, hanisah. Thank you for everything <3
Ill miss learning arab and also graphic communication. I wont miss the other subjects muahahah i also wont miss the assignments! Its a lot of work for an aed student 0.0 thank God i wont be doing the memorizing and the gc tasks.
Im certainly gonna miss the first 2 weeks in uia, that is pure lepakness hahah
So i think ill spend my 2 days of freedom well before i face intec life.
Hope everything goes well, insyaAllah

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